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Things Take Time

While on a short walk around my neighbourhood with my dog Ace, the Lord brought my attention to a print on a derelict vehicle. It was simple yet profound, as I pretty much expected. It stated “Things take time”.

Do you know that when God gives us this little wise insights from heaven we generally know what He is talking about or if we do not at the moment instantly know, He clarifies his word later. That’s one of the amazing and loving characteristics about Abba that I adore. He never keeps anything from us that He desires us to be aware of. For me that’s just one simple example I am sharing with you today.

God wants you and I to know that He is thinking about us all the time. He is in the nitty-gritty details of our life even if we may not even recognize it. The mere fact that He would have planned out this path for my life even including Ace, is mind-blowing. He planned out that I would take Ace out for a walk, just to free up a bit and explore a little, while along the journey just to let me know that He was with me, highlighted the print (on July 13 2021). Funny thing is this isn’t the first time I passed this vehicle by, it just wasn’t time yet for me to see “Things Take Time”. Three simple words that hold a vast amount of meaning behind it. I am astounded by the way Abba works. He gets me all the time. For me this is a confirmation that I am on the right path with Him.

Do you know that there is an appointed time for everything? I mean literally for everything we face there is an appointed time for it. One of the best scriptural reference I can point you to is Psalm 139. Verse 16 shares how all the days of our life were planned by Him even before our mommy gave birth to us. He knows every single thing about us. It is impossible to hide from Him. He cares about us very deeply and ensures that we are safe in Him when we choose to walk with Him.

He cares deeply for you. He loves to hear you call unto Him and spend intimate time with Him. He wants to tell you the hidden secrets that you desire to hear about so you can live a prosperous life here on Earth. All of your plans matter to Him regardless of their size. He wants you to know that Things Take Time. He is working out everything for your good but it will take time. Just wait and be patient. His promise to you is forthcoming; it will come to pass. Trust ever and only in Him because He will never lie to you. Just continue to walk with Him and abide in Him and rest. Listen to His sweet and tender voice that is full of peace and love. He will tell you exactly which way to go which will lead you into success all the time. Walk along the path with Him and when you feel weary lay quietly on His chest. There you will find refuge. Do not worry about the storms of this life, they will come, just find safety in Him. He wants you to just breathe in and rest in Him. He has everything under His control. He is fighting for you.

Remember to put your full confidence in Him because He cannot fail. Trust that everything is working out for you perfectly. I love the verse that says He has gone to prepare a place for us and He will come back to receive us unto Himself, that where He is we will be also. Good things always take some time. When you receive that blessing you were praying for, you will fully understand why He said, “Things Take Time”. Just hold on, it wont be long again. Stay ready, for it will happen suddenly.

Jesus Loves You!

Peace and Love

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