Release the old! Embrace the New

Let go of the old so you can embrace the new.

What does this simple statement mean to you?

Lately the Lord has been speaking to me about this. I kept on getting this annoyance about a dresser I had. This dresser had been with me for a good ten(10) years now. It was still in good condition except you would be able to identify the wear and tear just by glancing at it. However in order to draw that kind of attention away from my 10 years old dresser I took the wise decision to cover it up. The “covering” made me feel much better. I would not get much stares at it, which would lead to a whole court questioning session. Aren’t we like this sometimes? Holy Spirit gave us a word or we sometimes say I just have a feeling or vibes or the famous one “something told me …..”We get the vibes that we should get rid of something but because of lack of detailed information we shrug it off. That same “vibe” or “feeling” comes around again and we simply brush it off as nothing. Have you ever thought that maybe this may actually be the Holy Spirit trying to get your attention? He might just be trying to tell you it’s time for a change because He wants to bring in something new in your life.

I remember it must have been about 2018/2019 that I was conversing with my sisters about this very same dresser. I explained to them that I just “felt” like I should get rid of it. I felt it was time to just let it go. It was a dresser from my previous relationship and I felt like it was time to cut the ties completely in hopes of purchasing a new, smaller one to comfortably fit the new space I was in. For some reason or another I never proceeded with that plan. It just left everything as is. To be honest fear took over me. I thought about the financial situation I was in and I didn’t trust God enough for Him to provide another one for me. One of my sisters shared her wisdom as she encouraged me to release the dresser. She said “sometimes the new will never come unless you make room for it.” We had this conversation in 2019 and it never left me.

I want to encourage you just like my sister did me, whatever you feel like God is speaking to you about removing and cleaning up, just do it. I do not for a second think that our Loving Father would ask us to do something without having a master plan in place. If you have been getting that feeling like “I really feel like I should let go of this or that” and that feeling keeps coming back, then from my experience it is most likely Holy Spirit. Suggestion: Pray About It! Ask Him was that really You or me? Do not be afraid to speak to Him about anything. Sometimes it could be this one little item hindering your breakthrough. Listen to that still small voice and ask Him to confirm it, He will. I am not only speaking of material things. This could be for anything or person. Perhaps there might be someone in your life whom the Lord has been speaking to you about letting go of. If you are reading this and this resonates with your spirit very strongly, then I believe that the Lord has already spoken to you about it and is now just confirming it. We may not understand why He is asking us to let go of the people who seem so dear to us or things we love, but He sees what’s ahead and wants to shield us from pain and heartache. Listen to His voice and decide to obey Him. He has His best for you. Currently it may not seem like this but just trust Him and choose to wait on Him, He will give you the strength while you wait on His Best.

Finally, in 2021, week of May 10th, after my Ten (10) Days Daniel Fast, (there was so much revelation) I decided that it was time to move in the obedience of God. In order words I decided to operate in that “feeling” I had way back in 2018/2019 to remove the dresser. At this point I really had to because the Lord provided me with another furniture which was supposed to replace the space of the dresser. You See!!! The Lord was speaking to me about moving the dresser for at least about two (2) weeks in advance and I was stubborn and waited until the day I received the new furniture to then realize, ohhhh that’s why He kept on nudging my spirit. At that time I was very unprepared and had to find the best way possible to rearrange the room to accommodate the “NEW”.

Prepare now! Even if it doesn’t look like anything is happening, it’s happening. You may feel like you don’t want to release that thing or person or people but do it now because God has something Bigger and Better in store for you and you don’t want to be caught unprepared to handle it, just like I was. It took me a whole week to clear everything up and God spoke to me way in advance. You know what I said, “I HAVE TIME“. I learned my lesson. It feels hard to let go of other stuff but I pray for His strength to let them go because His promises to me must come to pass. When He speaks a word it cannot return to Him void and must accomplish what He sent it out to do. I am praying that both of us do not get caught of guard. Prepare Now!

I realised one thing I truly loved about the dresser and so did everyone else, was the Big Mirror. It really hurt my heart to see that mirror go, But God has Bigger in store. If you know Holy Spirit spoke to you about letting go of …………….. (fill in the blank) please do not allow family members or friends or persons close to you to try to convenience you to take it back. After putting out the dresser one of my sisters and mom were wondering why I threw out such a “good dresser”. They suggested to refurbish it. At that moment I was tempted to consider their humble suggestion but I kept hearing “do not take it back”. The Holy Spirit kept on reminding me to stick to His voice. I know those who are close to you may genuinely mean well but God knows best. He knows the plans He has for you, so Trust His Voice and reduce the volume of the voices which aren’t from Him.

I know the pruning seasoning is not easy and you may be tempted to go back just like me, but Trust God’s Process!

A few things to do while you wait on God’s Best

  • Spend time in His word and in prayer
  • Spend time in worship
  • Praise and thank Him in advance for the blessings you are seeking Him for
  • If you Journal like I do, go on dates with Him and write down His thoughts – This brings encouragement and comfort
  • Surround yourself with like minded individuals to edify your spirit
  • Do what He is telling you to do. If says fast, exercise, read, adopt self care habits, eat healthier, then you should do it
  • Serve others, operate in Love, reflect Him daily
  • Rest both spiritually and physically
  • Don’t Stress. He’s got your back

Remember He is the Alpha and Omega, He knows why He is asking you to prepare in these specific ways.

Will you decide today to just Trust Him and Let go of the Old so you will be ready to Embrace His New for your Life?

I’m rooting for you! His strength is perfect when yours is gone! Just wait on Him and don’t try anything in your own strength. He’s got everything under control because He Loves You!!!

Peace & Love

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