Spending time with God is an essential part of our walk with Him. You will realize that I soon enough refer to Him as Abba, Holy Spirit, Father etc… through this blog, but please note they all mean the same thing.

Spending time with Abba is fundamental because it allows us to:

  • Grow in knowledge of who He is; His Character.
  • Grow our Faith and Trust in Him.
  • Understand the bible which is the prophetic word of God that governs life.
  • Develop a Father/daughter relationship with Him.
  • Break off all strongholds in our life.
  • Discover our true identity in Him.
  • Love Him, Love our self and Love others.
  • Pursue life with a deep and clear understanding of why we are here.
  • Impact the world for His Glory…

My goal here is for us to grow deeper in Christ together and to discover life with Him while we dive into his Word during devotion. There is so much truth available from Him which He will unpack with us. I am truly excited to spend this devotion time with you and pray that you are filled with joy and love after He encounters you.

Let’s Dive In!

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