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Let’s Not Linger

Let’s not linger…

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!””

Isaiah 6:8

Let’s not linger in our pursuit of what inspires us. Let’s not linger in the assignments that scream our name. It’s screaming out to us day and night like wisdom crying out in the streets hoping that someone, just anyone would hear her. She cries and calls out for those who will realize that they need her to become all they have been created to be in this life.

Isn’t there at least one thing that you perhaps think that Christ has placed you here on planet Earth to fulfil? He gave each one of us at least one talent. Remember the story of the master who gave his servants talents? He gave each his own. What I mean by that is, he gave each servant what he believed they could manage well. He gave the first; five (5) talents, the second; two (2) talents and the last; one (1).Ref: Matthew 25:14-30. Each was responsible to then invest these talents in the best way possible; the way that would bring forth a return or what we call profit in the business world. Speaking of profit, isn’t this the main reason business men and women go into business? That’s an absolute yes! We want a return for our labour. Some of us invest a lot into our business projects because we know that it’s through this hard work will the pay off be fruitful. Some of us go as far as pursuing higher education or hiring a professional to manage certain projects we aren’t skilled in. We push through because at the end of the week, month or year we desire to know and see the increase.

This is kind of how we need to be in the Kingdom of God. If we were to truly pursue the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness like that, man what a fantastic profit we would experience annually. We probably will no longer hear the saying “the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few”. Some how the investment made in the Kingdom of God seems to be lacking at times and this could be because of our lack of investment therein. Imagine what the Kingdom of God would look like if all of us would really focus on doing our part. Imagine how prosperous God’s Kingdom here on Earth would look like if we truly and passionately invested that talent we were given into the world just like the apostles did. What a great number of souls would be added to the church daily.

There are so many souls out there who needs to hear from us, but are we hiding away because of fear of rejection or failure? I know I am not exempted from this. I have said “I don’t have the resources I need to do what He is calling me to do.” Then He asked me “What’s in your hands?” What’s that thing that’s in your hands that you can use? Perhaps we are too caught up looking at what the other person has in their hands and we compare ourselves to them, condemning ourselves. Perhaps we think that those who are using their talents started from a point of success. What we sometimes fail to understand is that most of the times, they just started with what was in their hands. They persevered amidst the trials they faced, against rejection of those who didn’t understand the vision God gave them, they got back up after falling many times. They decided to remain committed because they understood that their small part on this journey was a big and important part in the Kingdom of God. There are people out there who still need to be brought to Christ and we should and can’t sit around and linger anymore.

Christ needs someone to go after the one. Whom can He send? Who will go? Just like Isaiah, will you say, “Send Me?”

Now is not the time to linger around the things the Lord has already called you to do. You know it’s chasing you down and sometimes feels like a burden that needs attention. Attend to it and fulfil your part in His Great Mystery.

He’s calling you, please don’t linger.

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