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It’s Still Possible – Just BELIEVE

Isn’t it funny how we (women) tend to put others first a lot of the time. We are always ready to serve others be it our children, parents, husband, church family, even our jobs and oftentimes tend to forget about ourselves. We often sacrifice our desires to meet that of those we love and serve. I question, why do we sacrifice so much for others and forget about the passions engraved deep within our heart? We sometimes push so hard for others and are so consumed by the cares of those we serve that we even forget that we once upon a time used to dream. 

Please note I am not by any means saying, do not serve. You should continue to serve and serve well but Please do not forget about that enormous and important call on your life. 

If you are reading this, whether you are a mother, wife, single woman, sister or cousin, I am here to tell you to Just Believe! That desire deep within your heart is still possible and with the help of God it can become an actual reality. Just Believe! This desire that flashes back in memory every now and again could just be God’s reminder to you to not forget about that pursuit. Just Believe! As busy as you may be if you take the time to plan well you will realise that you do have sufficient time in the week to begin working on this God Goal.

It’s time for you to shine and walk in the fullness of God’s will and vision for your life. You have served extraordinarily well and you will always be honored for that but now is the time to step out in faith and pursue the God Goals. Don’t worry, you know exactly what God has been calling you to do but it has been pushed back for a myriad of reasons. It’s not time to use the excuse of serving family, children, husband, church etc. Perhaps, their future success depends on your pursuit, Now! Perhaps not fulfilling that call on your heart would negatively impact their future. Think of yourself like Esther, she became queen for an appointed time. She was placed in a position of power to change the path of her people. She was placed there to save their lives. Who knows maybe you have been given this mandate; this vision/dream from God, because He knows that if you pursue it, this would be life changing for your entire family. Do not ignore the call. Do not ignore the passion. 

I encourage you to step boldly into this ‘thing’ God is calling you to do or start. Do not be afraid to make the necessary sacrifices because these slight adjustments or interruptions in your normal daily routine will actually become a positive contribution to your future. You may have to cut back on certain expenditures to invest in this dream but I assure you, it will pay off soon once it’s God’s will for your life. Take that first step. I know that first step can seem very daunting. It really has the ability to make you want to sink into the earth or completely disappear but once you take that first step, God really Honestly does the rest. He just needs you to MOVE IN OBEDIENCE. He is waiting for you to walk by faith and not by sight. The things we see can paralyze us, so don’t focus your attention on these things. Instead keep your focus on the one who is True and Faithful and who will never leave you to drown. As a matter of fact, He will give you the Red Flags, which will be an indication to avoid making a certain decision which could potentially negatively impact you. It’s up to you to listen and obey. Don’t be afraid of what could happen, because honestly, a lot of things could, but ultimately God is in control. Once He calls you to begin the assignment, He ensures that even in the darkest of times He will provide.

I’ve experienced Him to be an absolute light in the darkness, provider, teacher, counselor, friend and comforter in moments in my life when He has called me out. When I said yes, and decided to just obey even if I didn’t have all the answers, He held my hand and led the way. The uncertainty is daunting and that’s very true. You will meet a lot of doubters, I can for sure tell you this is true also. However, I held unto the Word He spoke to me in my Quiet Time with Him and that comforted me, along with His Word. There isn’t a single step that I took, and He wasn’t there. The journey has not ended for me and as I continue to walk with Him out into the unknown, I know that He will be there. Why? Because He constantly told me so. Why did He have to constantly tell me so? Because I doubted and didn’t want to step out. However, because I understood that certain decisions I make will impact my family, nation and generations, I chose to answer to the vision. 

Don’t hide your light under your bushel. Darling, that Light was meant to Shine. I encourage you to Shine On because there are so many who are attached to your obedience. Let your light so Shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:16)

Is it still possible? I’d say If God says it’s possible, then for sure it is. Forget what everyone else says and trust the True and Faithful one who has never once lied to you. With God All things are possible. Just Believe!


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