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Don’t Chase The Dream

We so very often hear the sayings “Go after your dreams”, “follow your dreams” or “Chase your dreams”. While all these sayings have their place and time, we must be very careful not to use them freely. I can not recall any one moment in scripture where we were ever encouraged to pursue our dreams or even chase after them. Have you? If you have please comment down below for further study on this subject matter.

We are encouraged in Matthew 6:33 to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things will be added unto us. In this one (1) reference, the things we should seek after, pursue or chase is the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness. Interestingly it didn’t state, ‘seek ye first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and then once this is done now you are free to chase your dreams’. No. In fact it states and then all these things you desire He (the Lord) will add it unto you. For example if you desire to pursue studies, His word said He will add it unto you.

Let’s for a moment look at the definition of the word “add”. According to the add means “to join or unite so as to bring about an increase or improvement”. If therefore add means to bring about an increase to something this would mean that after we have begun the process or while in the process of seeking after God and doing what He wants us to do, we will become more and more like Him. His glory will begin to cover us and we will become radiant. People will begin to take notice of the light they now sense and see that not only follows us, but covers us. The more we seek after God and all His Righteousness the more transformed we become into His image. We begin to look more like Him, act more like Him, speak more like Him, think more like Him and the list can go on. Now as a result of our obedience to walk with Him daily and abide in His awesomeness, He chooses to bless us. He blesses us with what? The very thing we desired before He consumed us. In addition to the glory of God that’s already outshining us, He then allows His promise of “addition” to be manifested in our lives. If we were shining already; and we would know because people will begin to take notice and mention it to us, He bestows unto us More Blessings that would then bring about an increase of His Glory. We would for example walk into a room and the atmosphere would shift because of His addition deposited into our lives. We apply for a scholarship to pursue the studies we desired prior and we are favoured with many opportunities, all because we have understood the true art of worshiping God; to seek after Him with our whole heart. Our perspective of this life changes once we in spirit and truth begin to serve Him. He simply improves our life because we chose to seek Him First!

Let’s look at David for example in 1Samuel 13:1-13Please spend some time to personally read this scripture. You will receive so much truth and revelation on this subject matter.

It starts of with our Lord telling Samuel to stop mourning over the changes He decided to make. He removed Saul as King and it was now time to seek after a new King. In the story, Samuel expressed his fear of being killed if he went off to anoint another as king. I completely understood why he felt this way. However, the Lord Almighty told him to get up and go do what He told him to do regardless of how he was feeling. Our feelings most times become irrelevant for the call on our life. Samuel in obedience to God did exactly what He said. He went to the house of Jesse and assessed all his present sons. He then went on to inquire whether there was any other son that he possibly missed. Jesse called David from the field. David was a young, handsome and healthy shepherd boy who was at that very moment out in the field carrying out his work and minding his own business. I am sure he was curious to find out why he was being called out so early. Nonetheless, Samuel came to the house of Jesse on a mission. When he laid eyes on David, he instantly knew that this was the “chosen one”. Without a shadow of a doubt he took his oil and anointed young David to be the next king of Israel.

A few things to note that the Lord highlighted to me:

  • David was busy in the field, working his land. He was out taking care of his sheep.
  • Samuel the priest was commissioned by the Lord Almighty to visit the house of Jesse to anoint the next king of Israel.
  • Samuel left his home traveled all the way to Bethlehem to find one young man and he stated that he can’t rest until he had this matter settled.
  • When Samuel arrived he thought he knew who should be king but God said no, the older brother wasn’t the chosen one.
  • God doesn’t look at your outward appearance but at your heart.
  • God chose the least expected to be anointed.

This is a rather interesting story as it relates to the subject matter because David was minding his own business doing what he was ordered to do as a young man. He was busy working in the field and being pruned and trained to lead a nation while he was merely caring for sheep. Who would have thought that this big new life changing scenario would have befall him that day? David was not chasing anything except perhaps the sheep and other animals when necessary, but while he was at work doing what he needed to do at that moment of time in his humbleness of heart God chose Him to rule a nation, unexpectedly. Just like that this young man’s life was changed forever! He didn’t have to chase anything. As a matter of fact Samuel was the one who needed to chase him down. Samuel rose up with a mission that needed to be accomplished and from his own mouth stated that he can’t rest and eat until this matter was settled.

It doesn’t matter if people may count you out, their opinion isn’t God’s fact! The fact of the matter was that though the eldest son looked the part his heart wasn’t ready to rule over a nation like that of David’s. David must have been seeking after God’s Kingdom and all His Righteousness. Do not worry about what people may say, if God chose you to be next in line to receive the blessing, it will and must locate you even if you are busy in the field. Continue to work the land the Lord has called you to work. Do that work with complete humility and joy in your heart. Pursue His Kingdom and His righteousness and then watch how His blessings with chase you down. You won’t even have enough room to contain it.

Even after the Lord blesses you continue to seek after God’s own heart like David did. David offered His entire life to God. He served well as a king. He was one whom because of his passionate heart towards God Almighty, his generations were blessed tremendously. When the blessings begin to pour because of your obedience to God, remain humble and worship only the One True God.

Don’t worry about the promises because God’s promises are yes and amen. They will come to pass. They will find you regardless of your location. Just focus right now on seeking His Kingdom and His Righteousness. What is that assignment He called you to do? If you noticed the blessing came while David was busy working the field. Work your field then unexpectedly and suddenly, Boom!!! The blessing will locate you! It wont rest until it does.

Stay Blessed and at Rest in His Presence and simply Abide in Him, in the Threshing Floor.

Peace and Love

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