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Are You Ready to Receive?

We often go to God with a list of our heart’s desires. How ready are you to receive everything you are asking for?

I wanna draw to your attention the parable of the ten (10) virgins as referenced in Matthew 25:1-13. There were five (5) who were wise and the remaining five (5) were foolish. They all had lamps and oil in their lamps. Unfortunately, only the wise virgins held extra oil to replenish their lamp if necessary. For the other group, I suppose this never crossed their mind. Perhaps they were too preoccupied and even if they might have seen the wise virgins take extra, they possibly could have thought, the Bridegroom won’t be that long. To their surprise they had to wait for his arrival so long that they all dozed off. I can’t blame them at all. We know waiting can, for what seems forever become wearisome on the mind and body. Have you ever been to a doctor’s office and had to wait for a lifetime? They take forever, my goodness! During the waiting period we tend to get pretty tired and sometimes frustrated if we are not using it wisely. Suddenly, someone shouted “Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.” They all rushed up from their slumber and sleep and gathered themselves, I bet trying their best to erase the evidence of sleep from their face and went out to meet their Bridegroom. Soon enough the foolish virgins realized that their lamps had gone out and they had no oil in stock . They pleaded with the wise virgins to please give them some oil. However, the wise virgins told them they can’t possibly do that lest they too run out of oil. They instead advised them to quickly go out to purchase some more oil. Taking this advise they left in hopes to return in time to meet their Bridegroom. Upon arrival they were stunned to find that the door had been shut. In fear of being left behind, they knocked vigorously against the door, pleading to be let in. The Bridegroom answered respectfully, “I do not know you.”

Waw what a parable. There is a lot which can be shared from this but my question remains, “Are you Ready to receive what you are praying for?” If the Lord were to surprise you with it today or tomorrow, how ready would you be to accept it and run with it?”

A lot of times the Lord is the one waiting on us to become prepared to receive His blessing and not the other way around. His patience towards us is full of grace and He wants to bless us with all heavenly gifts but He sits and waits until He can see that we are in the right position and or state of mind and life to receive it. If you are not positioned well, you are the only one delaying the blessings you’re earnestly praying for. There are some things that the Lord had in the past told you to do and you have yet to move on them. There are some attitudes He has been speaking to you about to break so that he can replace good ones in you but you have been stubborn in making these necessary changes. There are some friends perhaps that are hindering your progress but because they are your “homies” you refuse to let them go. God can’t and will never bless disobedience. This practice separates you from His presence until you decide you need to seriously review your life and take everything into account. Unless you come to this realization and choose to make the changes Abba is speaking to you about, your blessings will be stored in Heaven waiting on you for a grand release. Stop keeping your blessings from being deposited into your life then crying out to God. Walk in His obedience and do the last thing He told you to do, then watch how the next door opens for you.

During the waiting process, things can seem very stiff. It feels like nothing is happening. Just like the virgins, while waiting, they all fell asleep. The difference between the two groups were that, one was prepared; did all they needed to do and was in a better position to rest but the other needed to make some additional preparations and unfortunately skipped that and fell asleep also. Which virgin group would you say you fall under? Are you as equipped as you humanly can be and now the Lord is saying “just rest my child?” Is there more work which needs to be done? The foolish had ample time to leave the house and visit the shop to purchase the necessary quantity of oil. They thought that all was well with them so they decided to take a nap.

Get up! There is still much work that needs to be done while you wait for the blessing to arrive. Stop focusing on the process and focus on what God requires of you during the process. Learn to enjoy the process. There is a lot which needs to be completed on your end to better equip you to handle the blessings when they arrive. Remember the promises of God are yea and amen. God always keeps His promises, but you are required to obey His voice and work on the assignments He has already given you. They are for your benefit. Are you seeking God for a new house or your first home? What necessary adjustments needs to be done? How are you managing your current home? Are you desiring promotion on the job? God is looking at your daily work ethics. Can you be responsible and trustworthy with the current position you are serving in? Praying for a financial blessing or to own your business? What kind of steward are you? Are you able to manage your money well? Have you attained the necessary education to develop your skills? Do you overspend and shop uselessly? Are you seeking marriage? What relationship books are you feeding your mind on? All these questions and more, not noted here, are relevant because they allow you to assess where you are in the waiting season.

Don’t just sit around and complain. Refuse to complain when you see others around you succeeding. Instead ask yourself what could you be doing that’s wrong and they are doing that is right. Seek God to confirm what changes He desires you to make in your life which will put you in a better position to receive. Ask and He will answer you and show you great and mighty things you otherwise wouldn’t know. Spend time in His presence and seek His will, then when He instructs you, move immediately on them.

For example one of your desires may be to become healed. You take this to God praying for Him to heal you but then when He instructs you to stay away from certain foods and drinks and also add in exercise to your daily routine you completely ignore Him. You should obey His instructions. You never know why He choses to Heal you over a period of time. It could be that later on down the line, you will be an encouragement to someone else. Your faith and walk with Him will stir up their faith to keep on believing for their breakthrough. Obey His instructions and stop eating the unhealthy foods and decide to exercise because these changes will lead to you receiving your blessing. Don’t be like the foolish virgins and relax and waste time like it isn’t important. The wise virgins were ready. Are you ?

Get Up and follow through with His instructions and soon enough your blessings will arrive and you will be in the perfect position to accept them all. Don’t let it catch you by surprise.

Peace & Love

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