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Three Rules to Success

The Bible is fundamentally the best business strategist book you can find out there. Can I just add that it is the Best book for success in Life? OK. It is the Best Book for Success in Life! Moses assured Joshua that if he wanted to be successful as a leader and Life that he should obey the commands of God. Where could he find these commands? From this very Bible. Though back in their days it wasn’t a full compilation of all the 66 books. They had what they called a Torah with the laws of God to guide them.

If you want to be successful in life, my best advise to you is to read your Bible. However, today I want to share with you three (3) simple ways you can gain blessings from the Lord as according to Psalm One. By Blessings I mean you will be fortunate, prosperous and favoured by God.

Let’s dive in!

Do not inquire for advice from those who are wicked/evil. Their counsel will only lead you astray. They will encourage you to make decisions which will be harmful for your life and the people you care about. Also, refrain from doing what they do. The wicked ways only lead them to destruction.

The book of Proverbs is an excellent source of guidance. One proverb which speaks of the wicked is Proverbs 15:29; “The Lord is far away from the wicked, but he always hears the prayers of those who do what is right.”

Do not live like the sinners do. Sinners find it a difficult thing to honor God with their life. We know that the flesh is in constant war against the spirit but when it comes to those who live in sin, the flesh is triumphant. They enjoy the pleasures of this world more than seeking after God and His Kingdom. They are easily lured into indulging in things that their bodies desire. They often struggle with the lack of self-control which causes them to walk even deeper into sin. Do not stand on their path lest you be dragged down by their persuasion into sin. Where sin abides, the presence of the Almighty King can’t. He can’t dwell in darkness therefore the blessings can’t follow you unless you separate yourself from the sinful life. Best advice; stay away from sinners and you will blessed.

Do not join those who make fun of God; those who mock and scorn God. His name is Holy. He is Holy. Therefore, you should make it a priority to refrain from, at all cost, those who make fun of God. He isn’t an idol. He is the Master of the universe and everything revolves around Him. You should worship Him with your entire life. Through a life of worship, His name is honoured in your life and that releases blessings into your life. Staying away from those who find pleasure in making fun of God and disrespecting His name will open up new divine relationships with others who honour Him for you. However, those who are scornful have a special reward for themselves.

By honouring these three simple rules, you can save your life from death. You will find that you are successful in all you do. You will find that you have a desire and a deep passion for the Word of God. It will become a normal activity in your day, to feast on His Word. The more you feed on it, the more growth will occur. You will become wise and will mature as you intentionally apply His Word. You will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that produces fruit monthly. Everything you put your mind, hands and heart to do will prosper. Your entire bloodline will be blessed. You will be fortunate, prosperous and favoured by God.

These are the blessings stored up for those who choose to obey these three (3) simple rules and walk in the path of righteousness.

Choose Life!

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