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The Lord Wants to Bless You

You want a house, but God wants to give you a mansion.

For a while I was seeking God for a financial breakthrough. I know a lot of us could do with some extra cash to pursue our dreams and become financially free. Sometimes it fells like we have to travail quite a bit before we can finally reach that which we desire. I really believe this is true. Just the like lady with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48) had to push and press her way through until she could at least touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, we have to do the same in certain situations. Do not give up. Your blessing is almost there.

After months of seeking God about my desire for financial breakthrough through a part-time job, He suddenly blessed me. Just like that, the Lord blessed me when I wasn’t expecting it and to be honest when I gave up on the idea. When we think Abba doesn’t hear our cries and prayers, He does and this experience proved this to me. Financially I was struggling and because I knew I could go to God and ask for help and direction, I did just that. I went to my Father in heaven (Abba) and requested and even pleaded with Him for some form of financial freedom. I asked for a part-time job. One evening my mom discussed with me a part-time cleaning job available at her place of work. She is the one responsible for the cleaning at the institution and enquired from me if I would be interested. How did she know I thought. The Lord reminded me that earlier in the year (2020) I discussed with her my openness to do some part-time cleaning to help me financially. Guys, how this conversation birthed was; the Lord told me to ask my mom if she knew of anyone who needed a part-time cleaner, and if she does, to link me up with the individual. She agreed that she would help. Months went by and nothing really happened. I went back to God and I needed to have a little talk with Him. I expressed to Him that I obeyed His voice and nothing appeared to be working out.

Seven months later the opportunity came to my door and I turned it down. This was when my mom advertised the cleaning opportunity at the institution to me. I was her first potential candidate for the position but because of the situation with the other candidate I decided to pass it off. The other individual was one who was a single mom and at the time didn’t have a job. I felt like I would be greedy to receive the part-time job I was praying for, knowing that someone else was in a more needy situation than I was. That didn’t seem kind at all. I expressed to my mom to inquire from the individual if she is interested and if not I will take it up. Somehow in my spirit I felt the Lord checked me, but I still decided to go ahead with my plan.

Soon enough my mom informed me that the individual wasn’t interested in the job at the moment. It was yet another confirmation from God. He spoke to me letting me know that this job was His blessing from Him to me. I had no right to give it up because it was mine. Do you know that when something is yours no matter what you do, you just can’t and won’t be able to get rid of it? This was my blessing and assignment from God. Though it was a small job but the money truly was a blessing. I was happy to be able to save a little more and still give to those who needed help. I saw a glimpse of what it feels like to live in abundance; lacking nothing.

I know this is a simple example, but truly God wants to let you know that He wants to bless you! Stop telling Him you do not deserve His blessings and wonderful gifts to you. What makes you feel and think that you aren’t deserving of these gifts if you have been walking in obedience to Him? His word says it perfectly clear; “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord bestows grace and favor and honor; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Psalm 84:11. He has so much more in store for you but He wants you to breakdown that limited mindset and accept His mind. One of the things that Abba showed me about myself is that, I am asking Him for things but limiting my requests; I would ask for a house but he said I want to bless you with a mansion. He used my son to speak to me about this. One evening out of the blue my son came to me asking to see mansions. He wanted to see what a mansion looked like. As soon as I was available, I hopped unto the internet to look up a few for his enjoyment. He said to me, he wants to live in one. I just laughed but funny enough the Lord spoke me and checked me. He told me that’s the child-like spirit you need to have. You need to believe that all things are possible. You need to stop limiting your beliefs and requests and ask BIG because I am a BIG God. I am a God who can do ALL things. I can bless you with a mansion. It took a little while for me receive this word but I finally did. I allowed Him to break down my old mindset and I am allowing Him to rebuild this temple (me) for His glory.

God desires to bless His children with so much blessings; so much heavenly gifts, but sometimes we tend to believe that we should not be the ones receiving these. If not you then who? If you honour God in your ways He will Bless you but you need to receive His marvelous blessings. Stop pushing God’s blessings off then asking Him ‘why wont you bless me??’ He did, you just didn’t believe enough to receive them. If the Lord chooses to bless you with unimaginably things, things which you have been praying for, for years, please receive them. We are in the crossover season, the birthing season, continue to believe and when God blesses you, receive each and every one of them; Spiritual gifts, a house, a vacation, financial freedom, a baby, a family, a spouse, a computer, healing, peace, a dream job… you name it.

Abba wants to bless you, don’t disqualify yourself, you are deserving of them all.

Darling Live Life Expecting the Unexpected From God!!!

Peace and Love

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