Show that You are My Followers

Stay joined together with me, and follow my teachings. If you do this, you can ask for anything you want, and it will be given to you. Show that you are my followers by producing much fruit. This will bring honor to my Father.

John 15: 7 & 8 – ERV

It has been a beautiful journey with the Messiah as we walked with Him through the Vineyard. He carefully instructed us the true way to follow, He pruned and refined us, He prepared us for our great assignments and then He reinforced His desire for us to remain only in Him. Once we remain in Him, He promised to remain in us also and through this divine and intimate relationship, we will produce fruit in abundance just as He desired.

Isn’t it rather significant then, that He kept on reminding us to remain connected to Him? This reiteration certainly has me thinking that just maybe this one point is of vital importance. One of the reasons one may reiterate something is for emphasis or clarity. I think He wanted to do both, so that we wouldn’t experience one ounce of confusion. We would also know where our true identity lies and from this position go out and do exactly what He created us to do. Once we know who we are, we begin to operate with a mindset of abundance from His perspective. We operate with such unearthly power and authority that people around who aren’t connected to Him will be amazed at our level of excellence and accomplishments.

It’s our obligation now to do as He has done. He tells us to “Follow His Teachings”. In simple form, this means to obey Him. Obey the very words He gave you while you were on this journey with Him. He took the time to share with us many truths, mysteries and instructions, because these were important to our success on this earth. Straying away from these will cause us to get distracted, lose focus and fall off track from what He created us to do. Best way to walk this journey is to simply do as He said; “stay joined together with me, and follow my teachings”. We are reminded in His very word that it is better to obey than to make sacrifices. Sacrifices given to God outside of obedience will not be accepted. It would in essence be a waste of time. Darling, please remain in deep connection with the True Vine because it is only through Him can you become your best self. 

Did I just say that? You can become your best self? Yes, because it is true. He is able to transform you into a whole new creation. The old you will be completely eradicated and a NEW you will come forth, just like Lazarus. God is still rolling stones even to this very day! In an intimate relationship with Him, you will have free access to anything you want to be successful. Makes sense huh? A bastard child does not own rights to his father’s possession but one who is accepted and is a part of the family, gets the freedom to receive anything he desires and is even appointed privileges he doesn’t yet know about. Once we surrender our life to Him and remain in Him we become a member of the Royal Family; of the line of David. We become part of the in-circle and have access to unlimited wealth and blessings stored in heavenly places. The unlimited Key however will always remain true and thus I must stress this point to you my dear friend; Stay joined to Him. Outside of the family, blessings cannot follow us. 

Being a part of the Kingdom of God is indeed a High Call. We are expected to live at a higher standard than the world. The world should see a fundamental difference in our life. We are responsible to produce much fruit on this earth as true ambassadors of God. Why? Anyone commissioned as an ambassador of a country is sent to another country to be a true representative of their home country. Everything that he or she does must be done in excellence because he/she is a reflection of their own country. How he/she speaks, walks, dresses, where he/she goes and how their work is done, must be done at a high standard otherwise they’d become an embarrassment for their country. It’s pretty much the same with us as citizens of Heaven. Once accepted into the family of God, there are standards that we must operate by which brings glory to our Father. One of these is the quantity and quality of our fruits produced. He desires to see us, His beloved children not just join in, but truly represent Him by producing an abundance of fruit. Now that you are in, stay in but go out and produce, 30, 60 and even 100 folds. Produce as He tells you to, as if everyday is your last day. Bring honour to our Father by operating in true abundance. 

I can sense now that after enduring the process of a quiet refining and pruning season, you are now ready to go out into the word and preach the Gospel of peace. Go out and produce. Share the Gospel in all the diversified ways Abba tells you to. There are souls who need to hear and see you and perhaps even read your content. Be the best creative artist, designer, pastor, evangelist, teacher, mother, manager, planner, friend, counsellor, cashier, architect, chef  you name it, as you have been created to be. Decide to be your best in Christ and leave this world empty.  Go out and produce much fruit, continue in His love and teachings and remember to stay joined eternally to Him. He is the True Vine. 

Go Now, you are ready!

Let this be our ultimate goal at the end of life’s journey:

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have served the Lord faithfully.  Now, a prize is waiting for me—the crown that will show I am right with God. The Lord, the judge who judges rightly, will give it to me on that Day. Yes, he will give it to me and to everyone else who is eagerly looking forward to his coming.”

2 Timothy 4:7 – 8 ERV

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