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If your work week did a number on you then you know you need to rest. Find some time this weekend to rest. Rest your mind and put the worries and planning away.

Are you tired?


Are you stressed out?


Need some guidance to confirm your next step?

Then Rest!

Resting allows the body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. It gives your body the opportunity to release the unnecessary toxins which need to get out.

Simple ways to Rest!

Go for a walk alone, with the dog or with your child

Walking is one the best ways to get in some exercise and keep you body moving without adding stress to it. A simple walk will help keep your mind at peace while enjoying nature.

Lay on a mat 

There’s nothing better than simply lying flat on a mat for a while. This allows the body to relax and reliefs any back pain.

Spend time journaling

Pass the time writing in your journal. Writing allows you share your thoughts and feelings. Spend some time writing about some of the things you are grateful for during this moment.

Spend time reading a good book

There is always great joy in reading a really fascinating book. Grab a book you’d love and begin to dig in deep. Open your mind to the world of possibilities.

Spend time in prayer and reading the Bible

Reading the Bible and praying daily is always a plus but there are those days when you can make it a date with God and specifically take time away from the world to hear from Him and converse a little deeper.

Drink some water

Yes, you can drink too much water but sometimes that’s exactly what your body needs. Drinking water allows the body to purify itself, getting rid of the all unwanted toxins.

Sit on your verandah

If you have a verandah or a small porch, sit on it for a while. It’s a short walk away from the house but not too far away. There you can sit, relax and watch the sun set in with a healthy smoothie.

Go for breakfast, brunch or lunch with a good friend 

Make it a date! Hit up one of your girl friends and go out together. It’s always good to have good company once in a while. It would also be really lovely to catch up with what’s going on in your friend’s life and be a source of comfort and laughter to her.

Listen to relaxing music; worship music would certainly do you justice

There’s something special about worship music. It really allows your heart to bow in worship before the Master of the universe. When you need to relax, turn on some worship music and allow God to minister to you. You will be amazed at how relaxed you will feel after the session.

Go fruit picking

Fruit picking is really simply, you deciding to go out into your backyard (if you have a garden or a few trees) to harvest fruits. I find this rather exciting and it really takes my mind off my to do list. Taking your son or daughter with you allows for great bonding.

Meditate on the verses you read from the Bible

Allowing God’s word to revolve in your mind throughout the day takes your mind off the trouble in this world and your schedule and sets it upon God and His plans. Take the time to meditate on at least one bible verse this weekend and you’d be amazed at the peace that will surround you.

Visit the Sulphur Springs or Spa

Where I’m from, there are tons of Sulphur springs/spa. It’s such an amazing way to step into nature and be taken care of by nature herself. Take a trip to one or if you do not have access to one you can book a spa day to get treated and simply relax for a few hours.

Book a massage

Having a massage should be a regular activity to help you relax. Massages decrease muscle stiffness, improves circulation, reduce pain and soreness, decrease joint inflammation, improve flexibility and give you a better quality sleep. Book one soon, you need it.

Don’t allow the pressures of life to frustrate you. Weekly schedule in some time particularly to rest and rejuvenate. We already know that the weekend speeds by too quickly so let’s make the best of it.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah 26:3

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