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Four Ways to Spend Time With Abba – Singles Edition

We shouldn’t make spending time with Abba so difficult because honestly it’s not. While we walk with Him it should be our desire to develop a passionate relationship with Him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend all the time we can get with the person we love. Plus He loves us so much and desires to cultivate a relationship with us too. So, Let’s make it a point of duty to just spend a little more extra special time with Abba. It’s in these beautiful moments we truly discover who He really is. We begin to fully understand His character which then strengthens our bond with Him. These moments build up our faith and trust in Him and we are able to stand the test of times when they come, because honestly, they will, one way or the other. We also get to learn His voice and know His will for our life, so that we don’t go astray. It’s during these alone times with Abba, we also unlock who we truly are and our Identity is understood. 

I want to share with you four (4) simple yet creative ways you can spend some alone time with Abba, while you are still single. Let’s Go!!

Take a Walk with Him

I wrote this  blog, Come Walk With Me referencing Psalm 23. It’s a beautiful piece which speaks of simply abiding and resting in Christ so that He can rejuvenate us when we feel exhausted. For a read, you can click here. Allow Abba to minister to your heart. When we separate from the busyness of our everyday life, we truly get to hear Him clearer. Deciding to take a walk now and again is very therapeutic for the mind, body, soul and spirit. However, inviting the Holy Spirit along on this journey really takes things up a notch. While you walk, open up to God about everything that’s on your heart. Give Him full access. Let Him in and let Him know He has access. He is very gentle so He will not intrude into your personal time. Do not be afraid to open up, that’s very important. Prayer shouldn’t be made complicated. Speak to Him as if He is walking with you physically and then listen for His response. You listen by simply remaining quiet for a moment. He speaks in a lot of different ways, so do not put a time limit on His response or limit yourself to a specific structure you believe He should respond in. Enter this walk completely opened to Christ and come to Him as a child. Afterall, you are His child and He loves you. 

Before you decide to walk, I would advise you to ask Him for directions. Find out from Him exactly where He would love for you to take this walk. I enjoy consulting with Him like this because He is all knowing, and therefore knows the things I don’t. Perhaps for example, I might have planned to visit place “A” because I am used to this location, but He knows that place “A” at the moment is not safe for whatever reason. He will lead me to place “C” because not only is there safe but He may also have a lot more revelations and truth to share with me at this particular location. He said in His word to “acknowledge Him and He will direct our path” so I encourage you to do just that, because He certainly will. 

While on your walk, enjoy the beauty of His creation. Discover new things in the outdoors with Him. Ask Him questions and expect Him to give you the answers. Never hold back, He can read your heart, true and yes, but it’s more beautiful to converse with Him. Laugh and smile. Dance and skip. Enjoy the beauty of His presence because He is so sweet. He will protect you and give His angels charge over you so you don’t have to worry. Worship Him and cry out to Him, and be free. Make your moments with Him blissful. If you want you could even bring along your dog/puppy. 

Visit a Park

Make it a picnic at the park with Abba. Spending time with Him should not be limited to our bedroom or living room. Get out of your comfort zone for a bit and spend time with Him at the park. Pack your favourite healthy snacks, grab a blanket, water, journal, pens, bible etc and put on your most comfortable wear and head out to your favourite park. It’s always best to do this on a sunny day because no one has ever said let’s go out to have a muddy picnic. You want it to be a beautiful and fun day even if it will just be you and Abba. This shows how much these little things matter to you for Him. He will honour your excellence and value the time you have shared with Him. Once you have arrived at the location, set everything down and just allow Him to lead the proceedings of the picnic. With a simple prayer, ask for His guidance to lead you into the scripture He has planned for you. I like to ask, “Father, what do you want to tell me today?” He leads and would either whisper or show me. As He directs the session, feel free to journal prayers or important revelations because He will speak, He always does. 

Book a Resort/Hotel

Have you ever thought about going to a resort or hotel alone? This will be a “Time Alone with Abba” event, where you get the opportunity to meditate on Him with no distractions. Plan the best date and do your research. Review various resorts/hotels and choose the one that suits what you and Abba are desiring at the moment. Of course you do want to make sure that it’s safe, affordable (stick to your budget) and offer a variety of amenities. This could be booked for one day or the weekend. It all depends on what you can afford at the moment. This is one of these trips you would want to invite the Holy Spirit’s advice on because it’s between the two of you. It’s pretty much similar to planning it with your friends but this time it’s with God. Get clear directives from Him and allow Him to guide you. If there are any discounts, trust me, with His input you will not miss out on them. If you have a child or children make plans to ensure they have somewhere safe to stay for the period you will be out. Once all plans are set, get packing. Pack light. You are only going out for a weeknd not a month. Only pack what is necessary as much as possible. Once you have checked in, begin to set the atmosphere for the presence of God to come in and remain with you. Pray and cover the resort/hotel and ask for God’s presence to reign over the entire property. Remember as much as everything about the resort/hotel may be enticing, your main aim is to spend quality time with Abba. Plan your day with Him and He will bless you on this trip. Allow Him to guide every decision you make. Spend the quiet time with Him in prayer, worship and praise. It’s a great opportunity to journal and do some personal Bible Study. Limit social media usage and if possible completely eliminate it. The cell phone should only be used for necessity. This moment away from your busy life will certainly increase your intimacy with Abba. 

Visit Your Backyard 

If you have a backyard, big or small, it’s an opportunity to make good use of it. It doesn’t need to be fancy, because honestly God really just wants your heart. He truly desires some alone time with your heart because there is a lot of healing, learning and development that’s necessary during this single period of your life. Whenever I want to get some alone time with Abba, I enjoy using my backyard and guess what it’s free. It’s not big or as developed as I would like but it’s good because I get the chance to open up about a variety of things I go through. I also sometimes use the downstairs (cellar), for times of prayer and worship. I open up and He meets me there. I cry and become vulnerable before His throne. What we should desire more than anything else is His heart. He encourages us to “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and everything we desire will be added to us.” So, I encourage you to do just that. Spend time with Him in your backyard, it’s free. Make it a usual thing. Find an area where you can sit or even lie down and just rest in His presence. Meet Him there and He will touch you in ways you need to be touched so that true healing and deliverance will take place. If you have a patio, reorganize it and make it inviting so that you may want to spend some alone time with Abba there; in the morning, evening or night, whichever time that is appropriate for you. In case you do not know where to start to redesign it, check out YouTube for tons of DIY patio/backyard styles. This will surely help. Make your alone time with Christ memorable while you are still single. Remember, once the Lord presents you to this person He has for you, things will change drastically. 

I hope these simple “Alone Time With Abba” ideas help and that you actually try one or two whenever it’s possible for you. Do not neglect spending alone time with Abba, because there is so much He desires to share with you. He wants to make you better and what better time to see Him do that than when you’re spending alone time with Him. When you look back, you will be grateful you decided to spend these beautiful moments with Him. 


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