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Face to Face

Moses who was called and chosen by God, played a very instrumental part in the lives of the Israelites. He served humbly and to this day there has been no other prophet like him in Israel. He is known to be the meekest man that ever lived. He gave up everything he knew to answer to the call. This was in deed a great assignment on His life and he served with integrity. The powerful miracles God used Moses to do were by far the greatest the Israelites had ever seen. Moses had a special relationship with God that often marvels me. He was the one who came face to face with God.

In this same way, in this season of Rest and Rejuvenation in Christ, He wants to show us His Glory in ways we have never encountered Him. We may not perform all the miracles like Moses or may not meet Him on Mount Sinai, but we can meet Him in our bedroom, in our prayer room, while going for a run, even while grocery shopping. There isn’t any limitation or boundaries as to where we can encounter the very face of God. He wants to show us great and mighty things we never knew before. We can only meet with Him when we are ready and when we want to see Him. I implore of you today, please spend time with Abba. He desires to sit with you and reveal to you all the answers to your questions. He wants to lead you unto the straight and perfect path in Him. He wants you to allow His very presence to purify your ways and life and erase the past. In His presence you will find peace and joy. He will tell you all you need to know. His encounter has the potential to completely transform your life. Give Him an open space in your heart today and He will show you His Glory face to face.

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