Life & the Woman,  Reflect & Meditate


I would like you to take a moment for yourself and just Breathe.

I know it’s been a tough year but all I want to encourage you to do today is Breathe.

The battle wasn’t sent to destroy you but rather to strengthen you. To remove all the unwanted impurities so you can become as pure as gold.


Meditate upon God’s Goodness in your life. See how far He has brought you, even during the adversity.


Meditate on His protection. He kept you from the deadly arrows that were intended to take you out.


Meditate upon His everlasting Love, it’s purer than the snow. He kept you from falling prey to those whose aim and desire was to hurt you.


Meditate upon His Healing Hands. His touch made you whole and complete; lacking no good thing.


It was because of His constant eyes upon you, that’s why you are safe. You are walking along the right path. He is consistently clearing the path and fighting battles you may not even know about. He is for you and He is with you.

So take a deep breath and Breathe.


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