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A Journey To Discipline

One of the things I’ve realized is that it is always easy for me to begin a thing but to continue it for a longer period is challenging. For example, I have seen myself get all hyped about waking up early in the morning to exercise for the first week, even the second week but by the third week, I’m like, “give me just five more minutes in bed please, I just can’t…” Then this turns into an hour and days go by and I have missed my goal. I do realize though that this does not happen for everything just the things I need to put more effort into because these have not yet become a part of who I am.

One day in May, 2022, I asked the Lord, “what is it that I should focus on for the upcoming month?” He said “Discipline”. Though I questioned why, deep down I knew the answer. There were a lot of areas in my life which required me to be disciplined. I lacked consistency and focus. I saw how not applying discipline, consistency and focus, negatively impacted my growth and development. I want growth but this can’t happen if I do not become disciplined and do the things which I need to do in order to get from point A to point B. It just won’t happen that way. Internally, I would question, “why I am not seeing progress in certain areas of my life.” The answer was simply that I was not consistent enough in a particular thing or area for growth to take place. 

Oftentimes we begin things but we fail to continue those things three months later because we begin to lose the excitement we once had for it. Though it’s not always easy to begin a thing, when we do, it’s even more important to continue it. The Lord helped me to realize that if I truly want to see some positive progress and change in my life, I need to decide purposefully in my heart to become disciplined. With discipline comes consistency and focus and we continue to build on these foundations. We will never be able to attain our goals without discipline; the Bible also calls it self control. It is really up to us to decide what we actually want. We shouldn’t decide that we want to get healthy and fit, for example, begin the journey and then two weeks later give up. We need to build a disciplined attitude in order for us to maintain this goal because eventually we will lose the excitement of wanting to get healthy and fit. We have to learn to control our emotions and feelings because if not they will control us and prevent us from attaining the things we really want. Months later what we really want is to look back and see the amazing progress we have made. 

I know that each of us have these amazing goals and passions we want to accomplish, but honestly, we will never get there without discipline and self control. When you don’t want to get up early in the morning to spend an hour with Jesus to pray and read the Word, still do it. You need to tell yourself what needs to be done otherwise your emotions will get the best of you. 

Write the Vision!

What is it that you know God has been speaking to you about? Where are the areas that need discipline this month? List them out and this month decide to start working on them. Then after this month is completed, continue to work on them. Allow this habit to slowly become your new lifestyle. You never know where one of these projects will take you six (6) months from now. One or even three of these activities could eventually become a financial breakthrough for you. Those who lay around all day being lazy never get anywhere in life. Proverbs tell us this actually leads to poverty. So I encourage you to Get Up and begin to Move! Trust me, standing there and watching everyone else move will get you nowhere. Stop making excuses for the reasons why you can’t discipline yourself and just start somewhere. Taking one step at a time will certainly get you somewhere six months later rather than just standing there. 

If you want to experience the Greatness God has in store for you, then get moving and Discipline your life today. You will be amazed at how quickly things will change for you once you Move!  

Your voice of encouragement.


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